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SONOMA COUNTY MEAT CO. is a family owned and independently operated butcher shop located at 35 Sebastopol Avenue, South of Highway 12, West of Highway 101, East of Dutton Ave. We are so thankful that you have voted for us as the Best Butcher Shop in Sonoma County for 8 years: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2024!

Established in 2014, we have been Santa Rosa’s go-to butcher shop for the last decade. Come to us for jerky, bacon, sausage, beef, pork, lamb, goat, rabbit, chicken; come to us for meat shares, smoking, curing, and both USDA and Custom Exempt Cut & Wrap. That means we are here for farmers, ranchers, hunters, FFA, & 4H members; and the general public is always welcome at our retail shop in the same location.

Our retail hours are Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm. Get yourself some of the best meat the North Bay has to offer, along with some SCMC merchandise, or grab a Gift Certificate for someone special.


We source local meats from sustainable family farms.

Our beef comes from Oak Ridge Angus. They raise premium grass-fed non-GMO barley finished beef raised in Knights Valley, just outside Calistoga. Their strong commitment to Regenerative Agriculture is demonstrated by utilizing cattle to manage vegetation overgrowth, encouraging the development of native grasses through the application of natural fertilizer, and using a waste source in the beer making process as a major feed source. Started as a dairy by Massimino LaFranchi in 1912, this fourth generation family farm provides single source protein. Humanely raised on the rolling hills of northern California, and finished with only 100% non-GMO barley from the spent beer grain of Lagunitas Brewing in Petaluma. No corn, no hormones, no antibiotics ever.

We source our lamb from Blakeman Farms in Bangor, CA. These Dorset lambs are raised on native California grasslands. For over 100 years, lambs have been individually selected and bred to produce a sheep that thrives in our Mediterranean California climate. Blakeman Farms uses rotational grazing to enhance and benefit the environment, which results in producing the most wholesome, humanely raised lamb for you to enjoy. GAP 4 certified.

Our pork is from Mountain View Pork. 3rd generation sustainable family farmers raise these heritage breed pigs, known for their excellent marbling. No hormones, no antibiotics. All humanely raised, less than 150 miles from us in the Heart of the Valley. Not your average pork, these pigs have creamy fat that is prized by chefs who know what it means for a pig to be heritage. No corn, no soy, no hormones, no antibiotics ever.

We have dozens of sausages, all made in house with our own recipes! No nitrates nor nitrites ever used in any of our fresh sausages. Not all flavors will be available through the retail counter at all times; call ahead to see what is currently available! You can always place an order for any of your favorite flavors if you purchase 25 pounds, just make sure to give 5 days notice! We can package into 1 pound packages for your convenience. 

    Sausage makers can come to us for purchasing casings of various sizes, pastured pork fat, and other specialty items. For salumi makers, we are your outlet for starter cultures. We carry Bactoferm for both slow-medium and fast fermentation cycles.

    In addition to our butcher shop open to the public, we are both a USDA and state inspected facility. Bring your livestock to us for cut & wrap services. We are proud to offer top notch federally inspected smokehouse and custom sausage making services in Sonoma County. We process under USDA inspection Monday – Friday. We also process wild game during separate times Monday – Saturday. Wild game can be brought in Monday – Friday 3pm – 5pm, or Saturday 9:00am – 5pm.

    It is required that you are on our calendar in order to bring animals to us, otherwise, we may have to turn you away, which we don’t want to do.

    Call if you have any questions:  707-521-0121

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    -Rian, Jenine, and the SCMC Meat Team